A Pugly Personality

Pug Dogs Think All Your Ideas Are Good

pug and bulldog wearing party hats

A pug dog thinks their human is the smartest, most wonderful person in the world.

One of the personality traits of a pug is their loyalty and the joy they take in being with people. They are eager to please and are happiest when they are close to their owners. Grab a leash and they ready to go for a walk.  Move through the house and they just might come with you to see what excitement you are up to.  Anyone that owns a pug knows that it is quiet common to have a snoring dog in the room with you – just waiting for your next move.

Pug Dogs Are Great With Children

Pugs make wonderful family pets and love children.  Though they are small in size, they are sturdy and energetic. They can keep up with kids and families members of all ages.  Pug dogs are enthusiastic about life and love a child’s play and activity.  While they need to be protected from being sat on or other things that could hurt them, they are not fragile and are quick enough to scoot out of the way if they feel the need.

Pugs, as a rule, are not aggressive dogs.  If they growl or bark at a family member, it could be caused by either a health problem or it could be a dominance issue.  In either case, you should talk it with your vet.

Most pugs are patient with children and even though they are energetic, they are not “hyper” dogs. They are calm when the mood around them is settled and after a play session with kids most will welcome a nap.


Your pet pug always knows where you are and what you are up to.  If the dog is not following you around are watching what you are doing, it just means they are just not that interested in the activity. As a test, if you are a carnivore too (actually dogs are omnivores), the next time you grill outside, just try getting out the door to check on things with you put pug. That almost requires a block and tackle move.

With this alert personality, your pug will warn you when a stranger comes to door or walks through the yard.  Pugs have a nice, deep bark that lets everyone around them that something is amiss.

Pug Exercise Needs

A pug doesn’t need a lot of exercise. Because of the low need for exercise pug dogs can live quite comfortable in an apartment or a house with a small yard.


Pugs have playful personalities and love to play chase around the house. They will hide behind furniture and peek out to see if you are still in the game. Pugs will play this game as long as you have the energy and probably a little longer.

Always in tune to their owner’s mood, a pug can also be calm and quite. Docile is not a fair description, but the word tranquil works.

Another reputed personality trait of a pug dog is stubbornness. It can be hard to get a pug do something that he or she doesn’t want to do. You can call their name and without proper motivation they might sit just out of reach and simply look at you.  Some dogs respond to praise, some will work for food (almost all of them will work for food) and some can be motivated by excitement in your voice.  Each dog will have something that motivates them.  You just have to find it.