Training Your Pug

What is it like to train a pug dog?

Challenging.  Pugs are sweet, affectionate dogs that are in love with their owners, but it can take a while for them to be trained.

House Training can is important and doesn’t happen in an instant.  The training requires consistency, vigilance and  patience. The good new is that once your pug puppy is house trained accidents are very, very rare.

In addition to house training, your pug needs to know to follow basic commands such as sit, stay and come.  Your knew puppy needs help with it’s social skills.  With time, effort and patience all of this and more can be accomplished.

It is important to decide what level of training is important to your family and it’s pug. Sometimes the dog needs to be trained as a competition animal and sometimes the training needs to go only as far as safety  and manners.

For more detailed information on training visit the page of the How To Train A Dog website. They have volumes of great information on training your dog and it is liberally laced with common sense and kindness.